In Phillip Schofield

Phillip Schofield announced today, via instagram, that he is gay. Why are we posting about this?

Back in February of 2019 Phillip went out of his way to share his joy over our ASALI Spitfire weekender. He changed the face of ASALI buy generating so much exposure for us. Could we have loved him more…?

phillip schofield, spitfire lover, announces he us gay and talks of his pain for his supportive family

Phillip didn’t stop there as he shared his joy at receiving the matching wash bag on an instagram story some months later.  He also personally thanked us for working with him and the Schofield Charity on a charity shoot at the Royal Berkshire Shooting school raising funds for the amazing Shooting Star Children’s Hospice.

We feel passionately about mental health issues and watching Phillip today on This Morning just reinforced for us what a wonderful, kind hearted chap he is. To have helped us (when he didn’t have to) and many others with his charity work WHILST going through an unimaginably difficult time is quite something.

Phillip, we’ve always been grateful but now we salute you and your family for being so brave and brilliant!  Hooray for you and good luck with the next part of the journey.

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