ASALI translates to genuine in Hindi and this transcends into everything we do.

It’s common for people to refer to leather as ‘genuine’ to imply the best quality however there is more to leather than meets the eye.

Our Leather

We only use full grain calf leather.

Full grain calf leather is taken from the top most layer of the hide.  Our leather is extremely durable and long-lasting, gaining character with each passing year.

A natural product, full grain leather will have visible imperfections, natural markings and blemishes. You can be assured that every full grain leather ASALI item is unique, something we hope you enjoy.

Italian Leather.

Your eco-friendly and luxe option, we use the finest Italian leather in our weekend bags, laptop sleeves, wash bags and travel bags.

Raw hides are initially soaked, cleaned and softened. This process is followed by curing with salt, moisture is drawn out leaving it free of bacteria.

The process of turning raw hide into leather is called tanning. Our Italian leather is tanned using natural tannins found in trees and plants.

Our Tannery

We only work with Silver rated tannery’s belonging to the Leather Working Group, this is better for the environment and better for our customers. Read more about the LWG here. 

Our Factory

Our factory is family owned and based in India. It is an SA 8000 certified company ensuring all employee rights and safety are adhered to as a minimum.

ASALI products are made using a combination of both hand and machine based techniques, machines have been imported from Japan, Taiwan, China and Italy. The hand made nature and of course the leather itself means that each item is unique and variations in colour and finish are natural, without deviating from the highest quality.