In Success, Typhoon Display Pilot

Preparations are underway for the next Typhoon Display!

Deano rogers and Jim petersons ahead of a typhoon display flight craig sluman

Now we know who the man behind the mask is, the next questions centre around what Flt Lt Dean Rogers will be doing between now and the all important Public Display Authority ‘PDA’ check flight; a time commonly known as the ‘work-up’.

PDA is usually in late spring so Flt Lt Rogers has only a few months to perfect his display for 2020.  This is what he will be doing:


Designing the sequence; probably something he has been doing in his head for some time!

Flying the sequence in the full mission simulator to see if it links together and perfecting his manoeuvres for safety and accuracy

Each display is monitored by previous display pilots for advice, supervision and (most importantly) safety

Once the display has been finalised, Flt Lt Rogers will be able to practice it in the jet, starting at 5000ft and away from RAF Coningsby over a quiet part of the UK

Once the routine has been cleared by supervisors at 5000ft, he will be able to begin the ‘work down’ from 1500ft overhead RAF Coningsby. This traditionally happens in February so get ready next month for the noise to be back!

typhoon display pilots inside a typhoon jet preparing for flight

The need for speed….

At the end of each year, the Typhoon Display Designate takes their place in the back seat of a 2-seat Typhoon (there are some at 29 Squadron for training purposes) so that they can experience first hand the up’s and down’s of a full display. This is a crucial part of their preparation because, despite winning the coveted position and demonstrating their skills in the selection process, they will have one thing missing from their repertoire; the real-life experience of fast jet, low level aerobatics and actually feeling the incredible g-forces and the visual spectacle.

Flt Lt D rogers typhoon display caroline haycock photography

February 6th 2020 –  1500ft for the Flt Lt!

As Flt Lt Rogers emerges from the sim and begins to display, initially at 1500 ft, we are now able to see what’s in and what’s out for the 2020 Typhoon Display sequence…

New in…

As expected the order of manoeuvres has changed. We also have:

  • A delayed loop
  • Negative G entry to the climbing Split-S
  • On-crowd barrel roll into off-crowd barrel roll.

Staying in…

Flt Lt Rogers has kept the following manoeuvres:

  • 1440 degree aileron rolls
  • Corkscrew
  • Gear down slow speed loop
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