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To beard or not to beard…?

The Royal Air Force dress code has sprouted a new section, beards are in, so long as they are a full set, smart and neatly trimmed. We’ve teamed up with barbering specialist Luke’s Barbershop to find out what serving personnel think and to give you a chance to WIN!

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Our research* tells us gents are spending on average 5 mins per day shaving which means dumping the blade will earn them back nearly 20 hours in a year!  More time to eat and play…?



To grow or not to grow?

We surveyed* 50 gents across the RAF in different ranks to find out if it would be ‘bye-bye blade’ and the results are:

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We asked why you’re sticking with the daily shave…

Some of my best ideas come to me when I am shaving! 

I know some women who can grow a better beard than me!

I prefer the feeling of being clean shaven

I don’t like the itchy phase!

For those of you that have decided to give it a go, we’ve been chatting to male grooming experts at Luke’s Barbershop, a favourite amongst Lincolnshires serving personnel, and have some top tips to help you as well as a chance for you to WIN!


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  • Exfoliate to avoid ingrowing hairs and the itch!
  • Keep it clean, moisturise and oil daily
  • Remember genetics, not everyone can grow a full thick beard
  • Shape and taper according to the hair you can grow
  • Be patient
  • Regular shaving to encourage growth thereafter is a myth!
  • Have fun with it, even if a full beard isn’t happening you can still have a good one IF it’s cut to suit your natural growth pattern.


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Former Red Arrow Mike Ling visits Luke’s Barbershop

WIN with ASALI and Luke’s Barbershop.

  • FREE beard trim

  • Bottle of beard oil 

  • ASALI personalised luggage tag

Your beard trim can be used at either  Luke’s barbershop Bracebridge Heath or Navenby High Street, great for anyone serving in Lincolnshire or when visiting RAF Cranwell. 


To enter simply visit our instagram page and follow the instructions on the post before midnight on Thursday September 5th.

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