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We’ve been asking you about your Christmas shopping habits…

This is our second ASALI Christmas and we were wondering how our customers deal with the silly season, never ones to shy away we just came out and asked you. This is what the ladies and gents in our home county of Lincolnshire had to say…

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

True as of November 13th 73%  of men had not started their shopping but 63% of women had.

Romance is not dead but the High Street might be…

Although we are an online business we have many high street retailers so were a bit sad to see HOW much people prefer the WWW for their shopping. Interestingly men and women do like to spend a good chunk on their respective ‘better half’…romance is alive and kicking, phew!


It looks as thought men and women are buying for each other and other members of the family so the work load is evenly spread (shout if you disagree!)…BUT when asked who the hardest person to shop for, women had this to say…


christmas shopping survey lincolnshire asali

And when asked why the gents were so difficult we were told….

He doesn’t want/need anything and the things he does want are unatainable ie. cars / motorbikes etc.

Because he always says he doesn’t need anything then comes up with a long list of complicated/hard to find things at the last minute

He doesn’t like boring or tacky. Wants to be surprised but doesn’t like it when I spend too much either!

Very fussy and often buys himself whatever he needs when he wants it hence leaving few ideas left.

He goes and buys things as he needs them so doesn’t ‘need’ anything! 



Ladies – easy does it!

The ladies are nice and easy, according to the men surveyed 65% said their partners were either EASY or VERY EASY or not a problem to buy for….perhaps that’s because 58% of women are making a wish list…good use of time we say! Comments included:


She tells me what to get most of the time!

I’m just very good at choosing presents

Needs a bit of thought but generally choose well

She always lets me know what she wants!

Jewellery, clothing or smellies – easy!


Is it all about the presents? We daren’t answer that one but the boys answered beautifully!!

christmas is for family asali

Of course, we asked both the men and the women what ASALI product they would like if they could choose one – we hope this helps some of you out there.

Gents – the ladies loved…

Weekend Bags (34%)  |  Cardholder 20% |  Laptop Bags / Ipad / Made It  14%  | Wash bags 10%


Ladies – the men have spoken.

Weekend bags and wallets came out on top. When asked ‘how do you feel about personalisation?’

76% answered ‘extremely, very or somewhat desirable’

Never heard of us before? Read and watch more about who we are, how we started, which charities we support and more here.


Such a genuine pleasure to shop with Asali. The weekend bag and wash bag compliment each superbly, high quality, terrific detailing and (most importantly) embossed with the mighty Chinook! So impressed was the wife, I was dispatched to pick up one of the leather iPad/laptop cases and she loves it, stylish (so I’m told) and functional. To round off, I ordered one of the snazzy luggage tags; beautifully initialled and delivered very quickly I’ve had nothing but great results from shopping with Asali.

Of greater significance however is the opportunity to support a business who so openly in turn support the great work of the Jon Egging Trust, Combat Stress and the RAF Association. All these charities are close to my heart and this has really served to enhance the overall experience. Well done Asali! Olley Leaming August 2018





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