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Posting and packing your gifts.

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First class customer service is central to the ASALI experience and this includes how our pieces are packed and delivered to you.

It is important to us that your gifts arrive beautifully wrapped and unscathed by the journey.

It is also important to us that our actions limit the impact on the environment and this belief is helping us improve our packaging choices.

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Gift Boxes

Many pieces arrive in a gift box as shown. We source our boxes from companies that hold the same values as ASALI.

Our gift boxes are fully recyclable and our supplier is a sustainable, minimal waste company using eco-friendly biodegradable packaging.

From us to you.

We’ve always used postal boxes that contain recyclable content, helping to close the recycle loop however we have recently introduced a new packaging product for our medium sized gifts, the Grass Paper Bag.

These are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to polythene mailing bags. Made from grass fibre, these paper mailing bags are fully recyclable and compostable. Grass paper mailing bags have the same life span as standard paper with significantly less water and energy needed in the process and no chemicals involved.

We are pleased to to work with Kilby packaging in sourcing these amazing products and encourage anyone reading to share this source.

We will continue to test out packaging products for our larger items as we invest in reducing our carbon footprint.

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