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Introducing The Pilot Flight Bag

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Key Features Of Your Flight Bag

Expertly crafted using ASALI’s renowned leather your ‘Pilot Flight Bag’ or ‘Nav Bag’ has been designed to withstand the rigours of the fast-jet cockpit. It’s practical, portable and functional in nature making it a flight bag for any pilot or traveller.

Hover over the numbers to learn more about the bag and read on to find out how and why we launched this new piece into the ASALI collection.

Please note we have Pilot Bags in 4 colours and stock levels change regularly. 

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Main compartment – ideal for storing checklists, charts, knee boards, approach books and so on.
Front Compartment – double zipped with an internal securing mesh pocket, ideal for quick access in the cockpit and storing mission support hardware
Side pockets – ideal for water bottle or sunglasses
Secure Stainless Steel carabiner – Attach finger torches and suchlike.
Personalised leather patch. This can be removed and replaced as you change roles and rank.

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The Back Story - how it all began

When the pandemic hit and everybody stopped travelling, our founder started to ponder on alternatives that ASALI customers might need outside of weekends away. No stranger to flying kit, conversations about ‘how many flying socks and long johns a pilot really needs?’ are a regular event in the ASALI household. A side-note was a discussion about the bag used in-flight and all the gubbins needed. The Pilot Bag Mindy’s husband was using had become useless through wear and tear and there was clearly scope to look at how we could provide a solution to his problem. So, we set to work…

Getting it right - Test flight

“I’m fed up with having an ugly, poorly designed nav bag where the Velcro fails causing loose articles in the cockpit and where I don’t have enough pockets or space to carry everything that I need”

Flt Lt J Peterson

Our initial design focused on a handheld bag with multiple pockets and a personalised element. Testing showed we needed it to be smaller and more malleable. We changed leather type and the material used for the rear pocket. We also amended the shape of the front pocket to allow for easy gliding of the zip with one hand.  Each prototype was tested in the unique environment of the Typhoon. The final outcome is a Pilot bag that would suit plenty of pilots or anyone with a need for a beautifully made, highly functional, hand held bag for life.

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Making it Personal - Your Flight Bag for Life

The bag can be personalised and even this element went through several design options. The final design allows the user to change the patch over the years to reflect their changing roles should they wish to.

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What the Pilots Say

“Superb quality product, far superior than anything else out there. It delivers everything stated and much more. A must have for all pilots, both military and civilian. I’ve been using it daily for months now and it’s as good as new, unlike other nav bags I’ve used over the years. Thanks for the personal touch."

Frankie Buchler (OC 3F) Sqn

I’ve been looking for the perfect flight bag for ages. I’ve been through so many and I’ve now found the perfect one! The leather is perfect and you can see the bag is very well made and will stand up to the cockpit environment.

It has been clearly designed by pilots for pilots.

Paul Bundy
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