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Movers & Sheikhers Part 2

By 4 November 2022November 7th, 2022No Comments

Supporting the World Cup and Mixing It Up!

Following on from Mr ASALI’s move to work alongside the QEAF and 12 Squadron supporting the new Typhoon wing in Qatar, our founder Mindy has also made the move east!


The opportunity to move to Qatar whilst supporting my husband as he continues his role within the fast jet community is one I welcomed with open arms. I am thrilled that ASALI is continuing its UK operations via the website, handled by my colleague Emily. You can continue to access some of our collections via our wonderful stockists.

The delights of the digital age mean I am still here helping you with your questions, best ways to contact us are noted below.

Keep following us on Instagram for news on the exciting developments for the brand in Doha and the UK.

Thanks for being part of our journey. 

Mindy November 2022


What is the relationship between the QEAF and the RAF?

qeaf raf bae typhoons

12 Squadron and the first phase of Typhoon jets arrived at Dukhan Airbase in October  as part of the co-operation between Qatar and the UK to secure the skies during the FIFA World Cup.

Qatari Typhoon Pilots trained initially at 12 Squadron at RAF Coningsby are now working on a new squadron in Qatar which will see many pilots trained to fly the Eurofighter Typhoon until 2050.

RAF and Qatari Pilots prepare to fly to qatar in eurofighter typhoons

200 personnel are involved in the air security operations in Doha which will be 6 months long. We were lucky enough to meet some of the QEAF during their training in Lincolnshire and many of the pilots are enjoying our Pilot bags and Typhoon luggage.

The World Cup takes place in Doha between November 20th – December 18th. We will be sharing as many sights and sounds as we can during the course of the tournament, follow us on Instagram for our news and views.

Sources: MOD, Royal Air Force, I Love Qatar

Our commitment to excellent customer service has not changed.

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