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Your guide to a First Class Father’s Day Gift

By 6 June 2022No Comments

Father’s Day gift dilemmas – SOLVED!

Whether you’re buying for your dad or on behalf of the little people you share, you’ll find something here to show you care!

Match the man to the gift using our Father’s Day Gift guide and enjoy:

  • Complimentary Personalisation
  • Complimentary Gift Wrap
  • 15% off using code: DAD22

Match your dad to a theme and find your gift solution. What type of dad are you buying for?


typhoon laptop sleeve

If he feels the need for speed and loves state of the art aircraft our Eurofighter Typhoon Range is for him. The ‘Formula 1’ of the skies this modern icon is the cornerstone of British air defence, the modern day Spitfire! Most recently this aircraft has been seen at he Jubilee celebrations with 15 Typhoons forming a 70 in the skies above Buckingham Palace.

Did you know?

The Typhoon can fly for up to 1250 nautical miles (with diversion fuel) and at speeds of upto Mach 1.8. This makes it one of THE fastest aircraft on the planet. If you travelled on Concorde you may have gone faster…

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70 typhoon jubilee display


pilot wings nick martin pilot bag

When only bespoke will do, choose your own military (or personal) logo and we will add it to a luggage tag, notebook or Pilot Bag. Names and initials work too!

Did you know?

Both Ian Flemming and Sean Connery served in the Royal Navy!

In 2005 the MOD issued soldiers with special underwear that doesn’t need to be changed for 3 months!!

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raf red arrows display

The Red Arrows are world renowned for their precision flying and signature diamond 9 formation. A gift from this range speaks to men who have high standards and love all things British. He may have enjoyed the Red Arrows  in the Lincolnshire skies, at airshows as a child or perhaps  for the first time during the Platinum Jubilee  celebrations over Buckingham Palace.

As official sponsors of The Red Arrows we are also officially licensed with the MOD. Read more here. 

Did you know?

The Red Arrows moto, ‘Eclat’, means ‘Brilliance or excellent’.

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aviation heritage spitfires in production in castle bromwich

Iconic British machinery doesn’t get much better than the Supermarine Spitfire. The most famous aircraft of World War Two, its pivotal role has been depicted in box office hits such as The Battle of Britain and Dunkirk.

The Lancaster Bomber is famed for it’s bouncing bomb and delivering decisive blows to the Germans during what has become known as the ‘Dambusters Raid’.

Both the Lancaster and Spitfire are part of the history of Bomber County and can be visited at the Battle of Britain Memorial flight in Lincolnshire, also where the ASALI story begins

Did you know?

Our Spitfire weekend bag flew around the world with the Silver Spitfire Leader, Ian Smith MBE as part of the Longest Flight in the Silver Spitfire.

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tornado gr4 aviation photography asali designs gifts
tonka grafik art display on asali laptop sleeve

For he who loves his laptop or tablet and will protect it at all costs, our range of Laptop sleeves designed in collaboration with Grafik Aircraft will be the perfect gift. Select from different Jaguar, Harrier, Tornado or F35 designs and choose between the 2 sizes. Any sleeve can be personalised, all arrive gift wrapped with their own dustcover.

For those that prefer no insignia or perhaps one of their own designs, we now offer a Bespoke Personalised Laptop collection.

Did you know?

Ewen McGregor’s brother was a Tornado GR4 pilot and now helps train the Typhoon pilots of tomorrow at RAF Lossiemouth.

Grafik Aircraft CollectionBespoke Laptop Sleeves

7. If ‘Pops’ is a Pilot….

pilot father's day gift ideas
typhoon pilots spotted with the asali nav bag airfield james sainty jim peterson

For he who flies we have the Pilot Bag. Designed and tested by RAF Typhoon pilots and now enjoyed by many more military, commercial and civilian pilots alike, the Pilot Bag is smart, useful and a little bit special. Read more about what others say and buy it online here. 

Pilot Flight Bag


If he’s more SAS who dares wins than fast jet glamour, gifts from the mighty Chinook collection are for him. Built by Boeing and delivered to RAF Odiham in Hampshire 40 years ago the helicopter is famed for its role with Special Forces as well as assisting in numerous aid drops around the world. Our Chinook range will appeal to anyone with an interest in helicopters. The Special Forces approve so your dad will too!

Did you know?

The Chinook is used by 7 Squadron at RAF Odiham to support SAS and SBS missions for our Special Forces.

Our Chinook collection was designed by the RAF Chinook Display team themselves.

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