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No flying, no school? No fun…?

By 30 March 2020April 29th, 2021No Comments

Is lockdown sending you into meltdown?

Whether you are a pilot mourning the loss of the display season, a military partner adjusting to life in lockdown or a civilian working from home wondering if you will ever hear the sound of silence again, WE FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! Pass over the noise cancelling headphones please…!


noise cancelling head gear raf odiham chinook flight

Our top tips for survival after one week!

  • Win the morning, win the day. Simple and old school but it works. Read about routine here.
  • USE THE INTERNET. So many fab things out there for kids and families, don’t be shy. Our favs include Myleene Klass music lessons, Joe Wicks at 9am and twinkle for school resources
  • Exercise once a day. Even if it is just a walk but we recommend online one2one coaching with Craig Barton PT, a total legend and used by Red Arrow and Typhoon pilots alike!
  • Feed your mind, body and soul with all the things you don’t usually have time for. This lockdown is opportunity in disguise if you want it to be!
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If you’re juggling working from home and the dreaded ‘home-schooling’ you are probably struggling to find order! We’ve put together an aviation worksheet to help you spend time together as a family or even grab some time to yourself while the kids complete it alone!

We’d love to hear how you get on and see any of the creations from the kids, please send them to or tag us on social media for a shout out!

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Need something more high-brow? Read advice from successful people or have a go at our new year aviation quiz. Enjoy!

Did you know we support both RAFA and RAFBF by donating from every sale made. Find out more here.

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