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Just for fun…AvQuiz!

By 31 December 2019April 30th, 2021One Comment

Blow those cobwebs away and feed your brain with our aviation quiz!

Q1: Who designed the Spitfire?

Q2: What shape of wing gives the Spitfire its iconic silhouette?

Q3: How many different Marks of Spitfire were made?

Q4: How many days did it take the Silver Spitfire to complete its around the world journey?

Q5: It’s been 11 years since the Red Arrows visited North America and their 2019 tour took place over 11 weeks, true or false?

Q6: How many countries have bought the Eurofighter Typhoon?

Q7: In which year did the RAF Typhoon begin Quick Reaction Alert duties for protection of the UK airspace?

Q8: How many RAF squadrons fly Typhoons?

Q9: In which international countries did the RAF Typhoon Display Team display in 2018?

Q10: Where did the Chinook help to secure a broken dam in the UK in 2019?

Q11: How many Tornado’s took part in a flypast on the 28th of February to mark its retirement?

Q12: Which charities do we support with every sale?


A1 : R. J Mitchell

A2: Elliptical

A3: 24

A4: 122 days

A5: True

A6: 9

A7: 2007

A8: 9 Squadrons

A9: Belgium, Bahrain, Czech Republic, Finland and Poland

A10: Whaley Bridge

A11: 9

A12: Find out here

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