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Our first shot at aviation photography…

By 25 May 2018April 30th, 2021One Comment

Celebrating our 1st birthday with our 1st attempt at aviation photography!

At ASALI we are dedicated to all things aviation and like to bring a little bit of glamour to the party.

We value our aviation photographer supporters and moreover have developed a genuine admiration for the work they produce. Now, we are pretty good at taking lovely pictures of our products but ‘planes’ (aircrafts) is quite another matter. We sent our founder out on a shoot to see what is really involved! This is what Mindy had to say:

On a very sunny day in Lincolnshire I made my way towards RAF Scampton. Not the front gate, not even the official viewing area, no no, I was encouraged to take a glimpse at the forthcoming practice flight from this year’s Typhoon Display Pilot, Flt Jim Peterson, from a little known spot just next to the runway further down the A15.

There I met the very talented Craig Sluman and Michelle Middleton (I didn’t ask if she was related to Kate but I was tempted). The group was very friendly and immediately put me at ease, despite the fact I arrived with minutes to spare before the scheduled arrival time of said display pilot – as we know pilots are NEVER late.

The initial excitement and smiles were quickly replaced by total shock and awe. The people (the photographers) act like animals on the look out for prey. As soon as that jet is within spitting distance they are on it. Pointing and clicking away. I on the other hand was struck by the sound and speed of this amazing jet. They were too but somehow they manage not to stare and smile at the sky, they have a job to do and do it they will.

Mindy arora asali aviation photography

As you will appreciate the moment came and went, just like the jet. An amazing experience having what felt like a private viewing, at least until the boys in blue came to tell us we were somewhere we shouldn’t be. Next stop, the official viewing area at Scampton.

Unfortunately the Red’s changed their plans and we had nothing to photograph at this particular spot, just a bit of a practice! Moving on to a greener spot I finally got my chance.

A quick lesson from Mr Sluman in the 3 C’s of aviation photography and I was well on my way to achieving composition, craftsmanship and clarity.

The pressure to ‘get the shot’ was on another level. The animal in me came out and I was ferociously clicking away whilst also moving whilst also wondering why I was wearing Uggs and a dress???

In the end, thanks to the kindness and generosity of my fellow photographers (yes I think I am one now) I am proud to share my first official ASALI shot of these 2 beautiful jets, the Synchro pair 2018.



Then it was time for a de-brief with biscuits. Turns out it isn’t always sunny, the jets don’t always come and the shots can be hit and miss. But what is certain is the absolute undying passion these staunch supporters have for our flying heroes. It must also be said, the talent they posses is also rather wonderful. I will get there one day, maybe…


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