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Typhoon Display – What we can expect…

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Typhoon Display Team 2018

All members of the 2018 Typhoon Display Team and individual groups. Flt Lt Jim Peterson

The Typhoon Display team are from 29 Squadron and are based at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire. The team is made up of the pilot, Flt Lt Jim Peterson, manager, Flt Lt Ryan Lawton and approximately 25 engineers.

Flt Lt Jim Peterson Typhoon Display 2018

Flt Lt Jim Peterson

The pilot is selected annually from a shortlist of applicants and the engineers in the same way. Unlike the the pilot, the engineers work in one of 3 teams that rotate throughout the season to keep the jets in tip top shape for each airshow.

There is also a PR team made up of volunteers from RAF Coningsby and the RAF Reserves who are often seen on the ground at the airshows in or around their branded trailer or tent. They are very keen to meet and greet as well as answer questions from fans of any age.

mindy arora and flt lt ryan lawton typhoon display

Flt Lt Ryan Lawton at RAF Scampton airshow 2017

The Display

This is unique to each year’s Typhoon Display pilot and they create the sequence that they would like to perform from a list of allowed manoeuvres. The final pattern is initially trialled out in a very accurate full mission simulator before transitioning to the jet itself.

The period of time between pilot selection and when Public Display Authority is granted is called the ‘work-up’ and involves several work down heights starting at 5000ft to eventually reaching display height which can be as low as 100ft!

What to expect from the Typhoon Display 2018

A demonstration of the outstanding performance and carefree handling of the Typhoon with dramatic slightline rate explosions, slow and fast manoeuvres and the signature bucket load of noise!

Jim Peterson Typhoon Display Taken by craig sluman for asali

The Full Display

This is what the team hope to show the public as it involves the biggest variety of manoeuvres including:

  • a loop
  • half cuban
  • half horizontal
  • quarter clover
  • a split-s pull through
  • dramatic vertical departure

    This display can only be flown when there is 3500ft of clear air however and so the weather and airspace must be favourable!

If this is not the case then the pilot has the option for a Limited or Flat display which does not involve vertical manoeuvres and can be done with a cloudbase as low at 1000ft!

Scheduled displays for the 2018 season:

May 2018
6th Shuttleworth

June 2018

2nd-3rd  Torbay Airshow | 10th RAF Cosford Airshow | 16th-17th Finnish Air Force 100th Anniversary Airshow (Jyvaskyla, Finland) | 23rd-24th Weston Air Festival and Armed Forces Day | 30th  Llandudno Armed Forces National Day | 30th-1st July Wales National Airshow

July 2018

7th Yeovilton International Air Day | 12th-13th Goodwood Festival of Speed | 13th-15th Royal International Air Tattoo | 28th Scotland’s National Airshow, East Fortune  | 27th-29th Sunderland International Airshow

August 2018

11th Blackpool Airshow, Newcastle Festival of Flight (Northern Ireland) | 16th-19th  “Airbourne” International Airshow (Eastbourne) | 23rd Clacton Airshow | 25th-26th Radom International Airshow (Poland)

September 2018

1st-2nd Scottish International Airshow (Ayr) | 1st-2nd Airwaves (Portrush, Northern Ireland)  | 8th-9th Belgium Air Days (Kleine-Brogel Air Base) | 15th-16th  NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Air Force Days | 22nd-23rd Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow 

Why aren’t they coming to Bournemouth?

This is the second year in a row that the team are unable to display at Bournemouth Airshow, much to the irritation of many Typhoon fans. The reason for the decision is that Bournemouth airshow clashes with Ayr and Portrush and the team need to support Scotland & Northern Ireland as well as shows on the south coast. The distance between the 2 shows means 2 separate engineering teams would have to be deployed at the same time and this is not part of protocol.

Come and say hello to the ASALI team at RIAT and Coningsby families day.

We’d love to see you at RIAT or Coningsby families day so please do come along and say hello. After our launch in May 2017 we are looking forward to our second Airshow season, increasing our product range and strengthening links with our charities. 

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