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Pilot Talks Support Chosen Charities

By 17 October 2019April 30th, 2021No Comments

A full house at the Petwood turn out to hear tales from the Typhoon team…

Each year the Typhoon Display team select 2 charities to raise funds for during the season. The team put their profile to good use at airshows and other private events.

As the team now look back over the last 2 years with Flt Lt Peterson they spent the evening with some 150 guests at the wonderful Petwood Hotel to shine a light on the processes and principles behind what we see on the ground.


If you were lucky enough to have attended the event you’ll know all about ‘Dairy Lea’ triangles, favourite displays and just how hard everyone is working. Watching the team present left us all in no doubt as to their comedic timing and incredibly strong bonds that clearly help them succeed. And succeed they did, with zero cancellations due to serviceability the team absolutely delivered and thrilled the crowds time and time again at airshows across the UK and Europe.


For those of you that missed it, the ‘Dairy Lea Triangle’ is an in joke referring to a manoeuvre called the Derry Triangle, the brain child of Flt Lt Peterson and new for 2019. It is made up of 3 9G Derry turns and 3 Derry tuck-under rollouts. This manoeuvre is flown at high speed creating a maximum cloud effect around the aircraft.

A Derry turn and tuck-under is where the pilot rolls the aircraft in one direction but continues the roll to turn or roll out in the opposite direction.



Sadness this season

Both Flt Lt Jim Peterson and Sgt Liam O’Keefe paid tribute to their colleague and friend Sergeant Steve Davies who passed away in February this year and is profoundly missed by all who knew him. Steve was the engineering manager and highly respected and valued by the team, he personified hard work couple with good humour!



Digging Deep!

Ticket sales and a lively auction helped to raise a staggering £1908 for the 2 favoured charities for this year. Both charities were in attendance and we were lucky enough to hear from Fly 2 Help’s Mark Knight as well as Chris Osborne from the Royal Air Force Association. Both charities offer something completely different to those in need and we are pleased to be able to support RAFA through sales of all our aviation products.

Prizes included signed prints, ASALI gifts set, bears and Jim P’s personal badges, signed of course.

Missed it? Missed out?

If you weren’t able to make it but were hoping to take advantage of our 10% discount on the night please use code PET10 valid until the end of October 2019. Shop now



We’d like to thank the Petwood Hotel for their generosity and hope to see even more of you at the next Pilot Talks…!

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